E-Biker Pack

Fantastic E-Biker Pack with some of the important essentials that you’ll need.

We have included a stunning grey/silver cycling Back Pack with some amazing differences! There is an LED Turn signal light built into the rear panel. We have also added a wireless remote control which attaches to your handlebar if required. The remote can also indicate light patterns for Stop, Stand-by, and Forward patterns to ensure you can be seen at all times. The Back Pack holds an impressive 15L yet weighs just 250g. This upgrade also includes rechargeable pack lithium batteries, and also a handy USB Charger.


Our Locking system pack fits neatly into the bag, or it can be attached to the underseat structure. This pack is for added security and firstly includes a heavy duty U-Lock with thickened Carbon Steel lock body and a Zinc Alloy lock store. Even the keys come with high security in mind, being copper serpentine groove keys which are very difficult to copy. We have also included a bracket to attach the U-Lock to the bike. To complement the U-Lock (or to use independently), we have added a tough braided steel security cable. Typically you can use this in conjunction with a U-Lock to secure your bike to a fixed object or railings for example.


Cycling can certainly be thirsty work! So we will also include one of our stunning Ezone quality aluminium water bottles, finished in chrome and decorated with Ezone Rider’s logo and contact details.


Please note that the contents of the E-biker Pack can vary depending on availability, however we will always replace any items, with something of same/similar quality and price.