Keeping Fit and Losing Weight using an Electric Bike


At we are passionate about our products, not only on the positive impact on the environment, but also in helping our customers to keep fit and even lose weight.

How? Well, In a recent Nationwide study, it was shown that riding an electric bike that has the pedal assist mode engaged helped the rider burn an average of 444 calories per hour versus pedalling a traditional bike, which burned 552 calories per hour. That's only a 20% difference!

You can also combine a further survey which showed that on a traditional bike, the average distance per day was just over 2 KMs, however on an Electric bike that average journey increased four-fold to approximately 9 KMs. This is due to the pedal assist ‘flattening out’ hills and enabling the cyclist to pedal for longer, maintain a faster speed and ride on average 4 times further!

The net result of this is that an Electric bike actually burns approximately twice as many calories per average journey!!

The Survey showed even more positive results, including the percentage of trips taken by bike rather than other transport (bus, train, car etc.). On a traditional bike, the average cyclist takes 17% of their journeys by bike. However, Electric Bike cyclists using pedal assist take a whopping average of 49% of their journeys by Bike!!