Mankeel MK6 Silver Wings Electric Scooter MK006

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Mankeel Silver Wings
Designed by studio F.A. Porsche

Volcano Metallic   Grey

High quality of both inside and outside

The scooter appearance of this model is designed by the Porsche team, with smooth and beautiful appearance lines, which fully utilizes Porsche's smooth and elegant vehicle design principles. And width fully hidden scooter body, for better anti-theft and damage prevention.

The overall weight of the scooter is only 14KG, but such a light weight does not sacrifice any battery life performance at all. the actual test results approved the max range of this electric scooter is reach 35KM.


10inch big vacuum tires

Larger tire size, better shock absorption performance

The cost of vacuum tires is much higher than that of ordinary pneumatic tires,
but we will never want to save raw material costs to reduce your comfortable sensation of riding.

What are the other advantages of vacuum tires over ordinary tires?
Vacuum tires are Low pressure explosion-proof tires   /  More wear-resistant / Less after-sales than ordinary pneumatic tires.

The visual LCD exquisite interactive instrument

panel maximizes the sense of fashion and technology
Simple and easy to operate, the power and speed display are clear at a glance
Real-time display of remaining power, reminding you to charge in time
and the riding speed is displayed in real time.

APP intelligent operation
Intelligent dynamics, real-time data detection,
complete functions, convenient management,
Scooter anti-theft lock via app.

35KM max range,
accompany you to further places
High-speed power supply, high-efficiency direct speed,
long-distance endurance of up to 35 kilometers.
6 intelligent protections system, Intelligent battery management.

The peak power of the motor up to 500W,
make it go faster and climb higher
Easily deal with uphill road conditions

Body atmosphere light,
moving scenery
The cool LED chassis atmospheric light, the horse racing effect, breathing effect,
warning effect, etc., is full of fashion sense,
making you instantly become the focus of the crowd.

At the same time, it also serves as a safety warning for the
surrounding people to notice that the electric scooter is coming.

Easy to fold, easy to carry
Unique original sleeve fully hidden folding design, fast folding in 3 seconds
It only takes a few simple push and pull steps to complete the folding of the scooter body,
carrying, storing or placing it in the trunk of the bike are all sample and easy.

Big headlights
Convenient to ride even at night
The light source is stronger and brighter,
widescreen lamp surface make the light irradiation
range larger to see front road clearer.

Humanized front hook design
Hook bearing with 3-5KG

Mankeel Silver Wings allows you to ride
as light as if you have wings.

All of our craftsmanship is to present your an
art-like but also very practical electric scooter.
This is an electric scooter that is absolutelytrust
worthy and owned.

TECHNICAL SPEC                                               

Speed: Max 25km/h
Weight capacity: 150Kg
Motor rated power: 350W                               
Peak Power:500W
Battery: 7.8Ah
Material: Aluminum alloy
Color: Volcano grey metallic
Travel range: 30-35KM
Gradeability: About 18°
Waterproof grade: IP54
Brake:Tire: 10 inch pneumatic rubber tire
Disc brake+EABS
Charger rated power: 84W
Rated Input voltage: AC 100/240V, 50/60Hz   
Rated oOutput voltage: DC 42V  
Charging time: 3~5 hours                             
Features: with hook for hanging bag  



Mankeel after-sales terms and warranty

This clause is only applicable to the distributors officially authorized by Shenzhen Mankeel Technology Co., Ltd. and Mankeel products sold on third-party online sales platforms operated by Shenzhen Mankeel Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Mankeel Technology Co., Ltd will provide users who have purchased Mankeel products with a three-year warranty. If the product fails under normal use according to the user manual, the buyers can send it back to our company with the warranty card, we will provide you with the after-sales service within the warranty period.

Warranty period

For users who have purchased Mankeel electric scooter products, we will provide you with a one-year free warranty service. During the warranty period, the product cannot be used normally due to product quality problems. Within 7 days from the purchase of the product, you can apply to our company for return and replacement with invoices and other valid documents. After the warranty period expires, the company will charge related fees for products that need to be maintained and updated.

Service Policy

1. The main body of the electric scooter frame and the main pole are guaranteed for one year

2. The other main components include motors, batteries, controllers, and instruments. The warranty period is 6 months.

3. Other functional parts include headlights/taillights, brake lights, instrument housing, fenders, mechanical brakes, electronic brakes, electronic accelerators, bells, and tires. The warranty period is 3 months.

4. Other exterior parts including frame surface paint, decorative strips, and foot pads are not included in the warranty.

In any of the following situations, it is not covered by the free warranty and will be repaired for a fee.

1. Failure caused by the user’s failure to use, maintain and adjust in accordance with the “Instruction Manual”.

2. The damage caused by the user’s self-modification, disassembly, and repair, and the failure caused by non-compliance with the use regulations

3. Failure caused by improper storage by the user or accident

4. The valid invoice, warranty card, factory number is inconsistent with the model or altered

5. Damage caused by long-term riding in the rain and immersion in water (this clause is only for Mankeel electric scooter products)

Warranty statement

1. The warranty terms only apply to products sold by Shenzhen Mankeel Technology Co., Ltd. For products purchased from unauthorized dealers or other channels, the company does not bear the warranty responsibility.

2. In order to protect your legal rights and interests, please don’t forget to ask the seller for the <sale (warranty card and platform certificate>) and other supporting vouchers when purchasing the product.

Shenzhen Manke Technology Co., Ltd. reserves the final interpretation right of the above matters.


*Price Match Guarantee. We guarantee to at least Match any product that we stock, under the following circumstances: It must be boxed in original packaging, new/unused and be for sale from the same manufacturer with the exact model, specification, and age. The product must be held/dispatched from a UK Warehouse only, have the same UK Warranties as provided by Ezone Riders, and be assembled to the same level to be delivered for Free to all of UK. For the avoidance of doubt, a ‘branded’ product offered for sale from a factory in China is NOT a comparison to our product range.


**Free Assembly. Where possible, most of our products are assembled to a reasonable level to facilitate a delivery/dispatch. In most cases this should only leave a couple of items to attach/tighten/adjust etc. Typically this would mean perhaps pedals or mudguards, lights, reflectors etc. There should not be any electrical components to attach (other than batteries), and the entire process should take less than 30 minutes. This applies to products marked with Free Assembly and Delivery, which is the majority of all our products on the site.


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