Mankeel MK89 Pioneer Electric Scooter MK089

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Mankeel MK89 Pioneer MK089

(Private model)

Large capacity battery
10Ah 48V battery for 40-45KM max range
worry-free of long way

Removable fully sealed battery

Taking every detail seriously is our attitude.
The waterproof rate of the battery control is IP68, the unique high-standard design and craftsmanship in the industry,
the thread head adopts a fully sealed interface, and a hidden drain line is also designed at the bottom of
the battery slot, so there is no need to worry about changing the battery or getting it under other
circumstances that water accumulation in the battery compartment.

With two batteries, the max range can reach 60-80K, and the battery replacement is easy and convenient.


IP55 waterproof rate for the whole scooter body
IP68 waterproof rate for the battery controller

With this creative design of the highest waterproof rate for the battery controller,
Convenient for scooter body washing, also it’s for the battery high quality assurance and extended the battery service life of the scooter.

Large LED instrument panel,
easy to operate
The real-time data of scooter speed, power, gear, time,
APP connection, etc. are all clear and easy to operate.

10 inch solid honeycomb high elastic tires
The tire material is excellent high elastic rubber material with shock absorption honeycomb design, make your riding more stable, less bumps and no hand numbness feeling, even 5CM height obstacles can be passed easily and smoothly, and it can be easily deal with road conditions such as lightly crossing potholes and gravel roads without stopping.

APP intelligent operation

Intelligent dynamics and real-time data detection,
complete functions of the scooter are able to operate
via app. Such as scooter the anti-theft lock protection and battery management etc...
For this model. the original speed control is 15-20-25km/h.

Extremely excellent climbing performance
800W peak power drive, up to 20°climbing ability

Dual brake system, Dual front brake handles

Front & Rear wheel drum brake and E-ABS anti-lock system
dual brake system to brake quick and steady
efficient braking to ensure your comfortable and safe riding.

Large LED instrument
panel, easy to operate

The real-time data of scooter speed,
power, gear, time, APP connection, etc.
are all clear and easy to operate.

Front wheel double shock absorption

The scooter adopts the front fork hydraulic double shock
absorption system, responsive and stable operation,
with a sturdy frame and 10-inch high-elastic
honeycomb tires, greatly improving the riding
comfort, even if the road is bumpy, it can be more
stable and smooth ride.

Easy folding design

lt folds quickly, compact and convenient,
Storage and transportation do not take up space.

Every design and produce detail, materials, and craftsmanship standards of
this scooter are a work of conscience and highly quality. this electric scooter
is not only to solve the pain points of your last mile of travel, it can be used as
an ordinary short-distance commuting, outing choice, but also can drive farther
for outings or do errands.

There is no fear of insufficient battery capacity. A veritable pioneering and
innovative electric scooter to meet your different travel needs.




                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Power:500W                                                       Peak Power:800W
Max Speed: 25km/h                                    
Wheel size :10 inch(65mm wide)
Max climbing angle :20 degree
Material: Aluminium electric scooter
Battery capacity:48V 10Ah                         
Input voltage:110-220V 50-60Hz
Max range: 35-40km
Brake: Front and rear hub brake
Shock: Front  shock absorption                          
It is Physical spring shock absorption                                
Charging Time:3-4H                                       
Light: Headlight, Brake Tailight  (K-Mark Cert)                                                                     Front and side reflector                                Features: swappable battery               


Mankeel after-sales terms and warranty

This clause is only applicable to the distributors officially authorized by Shenzhen Mankeel Technology Co., Ltd. and Mankeel products sold on third-party online sales platforms operated by Shenzhen Mankeel Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Mankeel Technology Co., Ltd will provide users who have purchased Mankeel products with a three-year warranty. If the product fails under normal use according to the user manual, the buyers can send it back to our company with the warranty card, we will provide you with the after-sales service within the warranty period.

Warranty period

For users who have purchased Mankeel electric scooter products, we will provide you with a one-year free warranty service. During the warranty period, the product cannot be used normally due to product quality problems. Within 7 days from the purchase of the product, you can apply to our company for return and replacement with invoices and other valid documents. After the warranty period expires, the company will charge related fees for products that need to be maintained and updated.

Service Policy

1. The main body of the electric scooter frame and the main pole are guaranteed for one year

2. The other main components include motors, batteries, controllers, and instruments. The warranty period is 6 months.

3. Other functional parts include headlights/taillights, brake lights, instrument housing, fenders, mechanical brakes, electronic brakes, electronic accelerators, bells, and tires. The warranty period is 3 months.

4. Other exterior parts including frame surface paint, decorative strips, and foot pads are not included in the warranty.

In any of the following situations, it is not covered by the free warranty and will be repaired for a fee.

1. Failure caused by the user’s failure to use, maintain and adjust in accordance with the “Instruction Manual”.

2. The damage caused by the user’s self-modification, disassembly, and repair, and the failure caused by non-compliance with the use regulations

3. Failure caused by improper storage by the user or accident

4. The valid invoice, warranty card, factory number is inconsistent with the model or altered

5. Damage caused by long-term riding in the rain and immersion in water (this clause is only for Mankeel electric scooter products)

Warranty statement

1. The warranty terms only apply to products sold by Shenzhen Mankeel Technology Co., Ltd. For products purchased from unauthorized dealers or other channels, the company does not bear the warranty responsibility.

2. In order to protect your legal rights and interests, please don’t forget to ask the seller for the <sale (warranty card and platform certificate>) and other supporting vouchers when purchasing the product.

Shenzhen Manke Technology Co., Ltd. reserves the final interpretation right of the above matters.


*Price Match Guarantee. We guarantee to at least Match any product that we stock, under the following circumstances: It must be boxed in original packaging, new/unused and be for sale from the same manufacturer with the exact model, specification, and age. The product must be held/dispatched from a UK Warehouse only, have the same UK Warranties as provided by Ezone Riders, and be assembled to the same level to be delivered for Free to all of UK. For the avoidance of doubt, a ‘branded’ product offered for sale from a factory in China is NOT a comparison to our product range.


**Free Assembly. Where possible, most of our products are assembled to a reasonable level to facilitate a delivery/dispatch. In most cases this should only leave a couple of items to attach/tighten/adjust etc. Typically this would mean perhaps pedals or mudguards, lights, reflectors etc. There should not be any electrical components to attach (other than batteries), and the entire process should take less than 30 minutes. This applies to products marked with Free Assembly and Delivery, which is the majority of all our products on the site.


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