NEO Outlaw X9 E Scooter

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The Neo Outlaw X9 Scooter has one of the Longest Ranges in E Scooters with a whopping 55 mile – 70 Km range from its embedded 48V 15.6Ah battery.

With a Super Powerful Motor – 500W scooter electrico X9 Plus, maximum 850W/1100W output

This is one of the Fastest Speed Scooters you will find – Neo Scooter- 40 km/h – 25 mph electric scooter.

Featuring a Superbly Designed Double hand-grip brake system, that effectively shortens the braking distance. The Neo X9 Pro Scooter offers you the most smooth and reliable braking along with the smoothest acceleration available today.

Detachable battery –36V/48V 15.6Ah, quick swap and charge

Bigger Wheels- 10 inch foot scooter, reinforced vacuum tires with more protection against punctures

3 Speed options for you to choose from when riding

Can climb an incline of up to 25 degrees. That’s a lot of climbing power for a portable electric scooter

Eco Scooter Mode (No “D”): Slowest – 6 mph
Comfort Mode (Grey “D”): Medium – 13 mph
Pro Scootering Mode (Red “D”): Fastest – Up to 25 mph

This stand up scooter comes partially assembled, leaving you just to install simple screws into the handlebar at the top of the stem. Six screws to be exact. Four flat head screws that go into the sides. Two round head screws that go into the front.

The Neo X9 adult scooters are well packaged with polystyrene foam to protect the wheels, also protect the stem and handlebar from the rest of the scooter.

X9 adult scooter also has a new closing latch system. You just need to move the little switch up. And then pull the lever down to close the stem and to lock into position just pull push the lever up.

X9 Scooter Specification

Parameters 48V-15.6Ah
Net Weight 20kg
Frame Material aluminum-magnesium alloy
Tire Size 10 inch anti puncture Vacuum tire
Max Range 70km
Speed 40km/h
Rated power 48V/550W
Maximum output power 48V/1100W
Climbing Angel 30°
Battery capacity 48V/15.6Ah lithium battery
Charger parameters DC54.6V/2A
Motor driven Rear wheel drive
Battery removal method Portable and removable
Waterproof level IP54
Charging time 5-6 hours
Applicable height light120~200cm
Load range 120kg

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