Kaiser Bass REVO E3 350W Electric Scooter

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Cruise along in style with this portable E-Scooter with a removable battery.
  • LED Display
  • Foldable and Portable
  • Cruise Control
  • Removable Panasonic Battery
  • 3 Speed Modes
  • Quick Folding Button
  • 100kg Load Support
  • LED Safety Lighting 
  • Brake Lighting


The REVO E3 350W Electric Scooter is a commuters dream, with a foldable frame, you can get from A to B with ease at speeds up to 25km/h. Cruise control, a large LED screen and 3-speed modes take the effort out of the ride so you can have a smooth commute. The removable battery means you can leave your E-Scooter in storage and take the battery out to charge inside.

  • Convenience: With a sleek, aluminium foldable frame and removable battery, the E3 is built to last. It’s a safe, economical and easy way to get from home to the office.
  • Cruise Control: Take the effort out of your daily commute by switching on Cruise Control. Select a comfortable travel speed, cruise along and it turns off the instant you brake. Your E3 will automatically switch into cruise control mode if you maintain a consistent speed for more than 6 seconds.
  • 3 Speed Modes: Adjust your speed as you ride with the press of a button. Choose between Low (at 10km/h), Medium (20km/h) or the max speed Fast (at 25km/h)*
  • LED Display: The large LED Screen gives you clear visibility over your battery level, speed limit and front headlight status.
  • Safety Lights: White LED lights in the front allow you to illuminate the path ahead. When you initiate the break, the rear fender LED light will pulse red to indicate you are stopping.
  • Load Support: The reinforced aluminium alloy frame can support up to a 100kg.
  • Removable Battery: The high-quality Panasonic battery is removable, which gives you the freedom to securely park your scooter, then simply remove the battery and bring it inside to recharge via a standard wall socket. 


Max Load


Max Speed


Max Range

25km Range (Based on a 75kg person averaging 15km/h.)

Motor Size



Disc Brake

Braking Distance





Aluminium Alloy

Tyre Size

8.5 inches


Pneumatic (Front and Rear)


1056 x 420 x 1166mm


1056 x 420 x 450mm


IP54 Dust and Splashproof


Removable 36V 6.4Ah 20 Cells Panasonic Lithium Battery

Charger Voltage

100-240V - 50/60Hz

Charging Time  3 - 4 Hours

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What's In The Box:

  • REVO E3 350W E-Scooter
  • Charger
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty Card


Can I ride my Electric Scooter in public?
The regulations around the use of E-Scooters on public roads and footpaths vary. To confirm your local laws before purchasing an E-Scooter, click here.

Are electric scooters allowed on pavements/footpaths?
Please check your local region guidelines about this. It is your responsibility to always ensure you ride safely and be extra cautious around pedestrians! When not in an open and clear space it is better to set your maximum speed to a safe level e.g. 10km/hr.

Can I use the rear fender as a break?
Yes, you sure can! It operates like a traditional scooter, but we recommend using it as an emergency brake only and prioritising the electronic handbrake. Overuse can cause long term damage to the tyre and rear fender.

Will my E-Scooter come assembled?
Yes! Everything is assembled except for the handlebars, you will need to screw these on yourself. Be mindful they are a reverse screw.

Do I have to wear a helmet?
You should always use a helmet when riding an E-Scooter. Regulations vary between country and region and it is advisable that you investigate your local government road safety pages to see if one is required. Nevertheless, we believe safety comes first and strongly recommend you wear one when operating your E-Scooter.

I hopped on my E-Scooter, pressed the throttle and nothing happened.
It’s important to remember that you will need to push off to start your E-Scooter before pressing the throttle (this is a safety feature). To do this, put one foot on your E-Scooter and push off the ground with your other foot. To gain momentum you may need a couple of pushes to get up to speed before the throttle kicks in. 


For more information and further support, please visit our help desk. 

Guides: Click Here

Warranty: For more information on the E-Scooter warranty, please click here.


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